The rare Dwarf who prefers the company of trees and open sky


A rare Dwarf Ranger, born of the Hammerfist Holds but whose heart belongs to the forests of the Elsir Vale and the open night sky . . . and Bugman’s Six X Ale.


Lard talks little about his family, clan or home in the Hammerfist Holds. He prefers to live in the moment and like those moments to make him feel alive. He is reluctantly taken with the Elf Silaqui (most Elves are not as bad as his friends said growing up anyway) as she evened the odds for him when he had a few two many pints and was about to be confronted by too many ruffians. He kept running into her (and that pesky Wapagokos) in the little homesteads and villages around Dauth and now figures they may as well journey together.


Tales of The Elsir Vale Lard