Tales of The Elsir Vale

Blogg the Ogre of Dauth

How I said goodbye to a normal life . . .

celtic_a.jpgll of you hail from the town of Dauth in The Elsir Vale. Or at least all of you are here now. For the past few years, an ogre named Blogg has demanded monthly tribute from the town of Dauth. At first the town balked but the lone brave soul bold enough to challenge the ogre was nearly killed by the brute. After that, the village council quickly agreed to fulfill the demands since they were only some ale, a sheep and occasionally, mundane supplies. Blogg seemed to be content to collect his extorted goods and leave the villagers alone. Some even claimed that Blogg’s presence was good and seemed to keep away the random bandit, kobold or goblin clan who might ravage the village. But there were some who thought he would bring evil and destruction eventually to Dauth and they appear to have been right.

Last month, the tribute changed. In addition to ale and cheap supplies, the ogre demanded gold and building materials! But the situation has grown even more grim. The ogre returned yesterday with yet more demands of ale and worse: townsfolk to use as slaves! The town was in an uproar and denied the ogre’s request. The brute left but came back this morning in a rage and grabbed two townsfolk, Dayl and Jonas, and hauled them back to his lair. They’re destined for his belly, no doubt!

With the aid of the local druids and brewer in town, the last batch of ale the ogre took was laced with a mild poison to help incapacitate the brute. Now it’s time for brave heroes to finish the deed.

And so, that is how you find yourself here: in the middle of town square, the crowd cheering you on and giving you encouraging slaps on the back. Mayor Merriweather smiles broadly and you are not sure if it means he has hope in you or he thinks he will never se you again (and he will never have to pay out the reward). What have you just done? You look around you at the others ringed by the crowd. You have just volunteered to stop Blogg once and for all and rescue the two missing villagers . . .




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