Heroes are forged . . .


Near the center of a continent, separated from the Great Eastern Sea by the Golden Plains and unforgiving desert, lies a small, thinly populated but fertile valley known as The Elsir Vale. Stretching from east to west for almost 250 miles, and averaging about 70 miles from north to south, the Elsir Vale is the heart of what remains of the fallen kingdom of Rhestilor.

The people of the Elsir Vale have lived in relative peace for the past decade, rejoicing in the bounty of their valley and trading with the kingdoms of both the east and the west. While there are those who maintain the noble titles of the long lost kingdom, there is no one king and the people look after themselves.

It is into this land that the characters are born. Each was touched at birth by the Gods and is destined for great things. But will those great things be for good or for evil? Will these few make a difference in the eternal struggle between Law and Chaos? Will they achieve the dreams of the Immortals or become Immortal themselves and overthrow the very Gods who created them? All remains to be seen for even Ioun, goddess of prophecy, remains silent on their fate.


The Story Thus Far
The Sage’s Guild
Character Creation Guide
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“Tales of the Elsir Vale” is an in person game based upon the works of many authors including but not limited to Wizards of the Coast and using their D&D 5E rules.

Tales of The Elsir Vale

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