Dauth (pronounced “DOW th”) is a sleepy little hamlet about halfway between the Hammerfist Holds and Brindol. The village is home to about two hundred people including some of the player characters. It is noted for The Tired Giant, an inn and taphouse under the proprietorship of Caladan Ryethresher. The Rhestonlan nobles who once ruled here died out two generations ago, and Dauth Keep – their ancestral home – is only a burned-out shell overlooking the settlement. A council of elders now governs the village.

Other notable locations in town are:
Kerwin’s Outfitters: Kerwin Krell maintains this busy outfitting and supply shop. His shop stocks most adventuring gear under 30 gp but prices are 25% higher than in cities like Brindol. Kerwin also maintains a limited supply of simple weapons and armor.

Ryethresher Bros. Brewery: Two halfling brothers own and operate this local brewery. Clandan (known as “Clay”) is the master brewer but he never had the funds to start his own business. Galadan, his brother brought home a fortune from his adventuring days and successfully operates The Tired Giant Inn and Taphouse. In addition to common ale, they also brew a dark stout, pale ale, and micro brews of odd flavored ale, such as pumpkin ale. They are best known for Ryethresher’s Dark, a fruity and mild dark malt, and Ryethresher’s Fire Ale, brewed with spicy hot peppers and guaranteed to cause heartburn, even in Dwarves!

Tower of the Dustyboots: Home to brilliant Gnome Wizard Tinker Whizbang Dustyboots. The four story stone tower surrounded by a small stone wall was located just a short walk northeast of Dauth. Unfortunately, it was recently destroyed by an explosion of unknown origin. All residents and items were disintegrated except Morlar and Krahn who were not home at the time of the conflagration.


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