Character Generation



Players should follow the character creation guidelines in the PHB or Player’s Basic Rules book. With the following exceptions:

1. Ability scores should be generated by rolling four 6-sided dice and recording the total of the highest three dice. However, rolls of “1” may be re-rolled. Scores can be arranged in any order.
2. Easy build equipment is not available. Characters must determine starting gold and purchase desired equipment (including armor and weapons) per the rules in the PHB or Player’s Basic Rules book.
3. Some equipment may not be available at the start (or may be extra expensive). This includes plate armor and magic items. Please check with the DM for anything beyond the most mundane items.
4. Players should roll once on the Trinket List on pages 160-161 of the 5E PHB.
5. Feats are not allowed at first level. For their use, please see Feats in House Rules.
6. Multiclassing is not allowable at first level (but may be used at higher levels if there is a roleplaying justification for the additional class).
7. Spell components are assumed (unless circumstances dictate otherwise such as being held prisoner in a cell after being stripped of valuables).
8. At the beginning of the campaign, each player present will create a relationship history for his character to the player character on his right so that every one will have two pre-existing bonds in the party. They can be as elaborate as you want but are subject to approval by the DM.
9. At the beginning of the campaign, each player present will create a reason for being in Dauth. This reason may be secret or known to other players.
10. Clerics and Paladins may (and are encouraged to) create their own deities for inclusion in the campaign pantheon (subject to DM approval of course).


All PHB races are allowed except:

  • Dragonborn
  • Tieflings

Half-Orcs are allowed but must look essentially Human (without tusks or pig noses).


All PHB classes and sub-classes are allowed for players except:

  • Sorcerer
  • Warlock

Excluded races, classes and sub-classes MAY occur in NPCs.

Character Generation

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