Known as Old Tarik One-Arm; hermit ofDauth


Tarik is a grouchy retired adventurer who has seen some sixty winters. Despite his advanced age, Tarik is still fit and quite active. He chops wood daily, and is fiercely independent.

Tarik trades fish and woodcarvings to the townsfolk in exchange for basic living needs, and enjoys his solitude. Most townsfolk fear him (much to his delight), but he is a kind, harmless old man full of tall tales and all sorts of advice.


Years ago he lost his right arm when he foolishly confronted Blogg the Ogre, shortly after it settled in the nearby cave. Although the single club swipe destroyed his arm, Tarik managed to wound the giant enough to send it retreating to its lair. He is now a woodsman, fisherman and woodcarver who lives on the edge of town.


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