Tales of The Elsir Vale

Shining bright

Of fire beetles and fire monsters

Getting back together

The storage and the secret door This cavern is about 35 feet in diameter with a low 7-foot ceiling. Along the south wall are several stacks of crates. Positioned in front of the crates is a small wagon. To the southeast, several small casks are tucked into the corner. Each bears the symbol of an ale cask with crossed barley sheaves superimposed on it.

Behind the stacked crates is a secret door.

Fire beetles

This chamber is immense, at least 30 feet by 50 feet with a vaulted ceiling. The floor is covered with debris and six massive stalagmites dot the cavern. To the north is a creamy white flowstone formation shaped like a waterfall frozen in time, situated above a small pool of water. Several two-foot-long beetles with luminescent heads meander about the chamber, throwing dim illumination to the far reaches of the chamber.


The field of mushrooms

This chamber is about 25 feet in diameter but extends another 15 feet to the east. Located
in this eastern spur of the room is a ledge about 10 feet high. The chamber is damp and
musty with a thick acrid smell. The floor of the entire chamber is covered with ochre colored
toadstools a few inches tall.


The three-foot-wide corridor ends in a small dry chamber barely 10 feet in diameter with a
three-foot-high ceiling. Slumped against the south wall is a partially decomposed humanoid body.

The Hallway of Flame



I warned them about pyrotechnics in such a small corridor.

Shining bright

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